Think Big.
Glasses for real freethinkers

FREIGEIST stylishly unites architecture, art and design in glasses for big thinkers. The FREIGEIST customers appreciate finding suitable and at the same time technically perfected premium glasses. With lens sizes from 53 – 62 we offer confident and aesthetic models for men.

Materials that show true greatness

FREIGEIST does not just consistently continue to consider tradition, but also combines visionary design with high-quality materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and titanium. Components from nature are coupled with state-of-the-art technology and give a convincing performance through lightweight wearing comfort.

FREIGEIST meets zeitgeist

FREIGEIST was established in 2013 as the answer to the demand for glasses for big thinkers. The designers of these models draw their inspiration from architecture. From this arose one of the previous highlights of the brand: cooperation with the engineer James O’Callaghan, known for his work with Apple.