Think big.

For men with larger head sizes, FREIGEIST offers a range of eyewear models which combines the perfect design with the perfect dimensions. Taking its inspiration from nature, art and technology, the FREIGEIST brand designs confident, contemporary frames which showcase individuality. Because free spirits who think big want eyewear that makes a big impression.

A Vision
of the

The Collection


The current FREIGEIST collection combines ingenious design with the highest quality materials. This means that the new models not only create a stylishly authentic look which is ideal for both work and leisure, but also ensure maximum comfort at all times. The purist masculine design is enhanced by the perfect colour palette to create individual and distinctive looks. Discover the highlights of FREIGEIST here. You can find the complete collection at Eschenbach Eyewear.

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Bespoke design with wood grain



Contemporary free spirits will be inspired by these natural elements. In the visionary wooden models from FREIGEIST we see original natural materials combined with the latest technology. The brand that caters for larger head sizes, not only offers functionality and quality, but makes no compromise when it comes to contemporary design. Freigeist encounters Zeitgeist - the spirit of the time.


FREIGEIST wooden eyewear frames have a resilient carbon core on which a wooden laminate has been applied using a process which involves complex technology. Carbon, used in the form of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, is not only strong but also extremely lightweight. This is what makes the FREIGEIST models so light and comfortable to wear.


In contrast to solid wood eyewear, FREIGEIST wooden eyewear is both delicate and minimalist, whilst still retaining its cool and masculine visual appeal. Natural elements encounter contemporary design. For men with larger head sizes who have a passion for innovation, but still value tradition.


A special seal closes the pores in the wood and makes the models impervious to water - this ensures easy cleaning. The integrated endpiece in the rim makes glazing significantly easier. The use of organic materials guarantees exceptional comfort and contemporary design.

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Innovation in every Detail

Stone & Carbon

Tradition with Intelligence

The FREIGEIST Stone & Carbon Collection seamlessly continues the impressive material lines of FREIGEIST. Lightweight, superior components made from carbon and beta titanium increase the wearing comfort and the stone granulate finish creates a unique feel.

Clarity and Modernity

Stainless Steel

Clarity and Modernity

Stainless steel brings the modern architecture of the city to spectacles for people with larger heads. High quality and masculine, the models are reminiscient of towering skyscrapers and modern glass facades. A persuasive and clear-cut appearance.


The EOC.FREIGEIST range is the outcome of the collaboration between FREIGEIST and the award-winning engineer James O’Callaghan: the successful combination of stylish eyewear design and architectural precision in a strictly limited collection. Each model is only available in a limited quantity of 222 throughout the world and each is marked with a unique number.

James O'Callaghan
„Freedom to question
is fundamental to every great design.“
James O’Callaghan

James O’Callaghan

James O’Callaghan is much more than a successful engineer, who has a vast portfolio of stunning projects and has won prestigious accolades. His creativity and his work create a link between different worlds – he is a down-to earth innovator who combines architecture and engineering expertise, design and pragmatism, marketing and social awareness to create something new.


He doesn’t describe it as being his favourite material, as such, but it’s with his glass structures that James O’Callaghan has celebrated his greatest successes. For numerous Apple stores in New York to Shanghai, he has received considerable acclaim for his facades and stairs made from laminated glass. These works not only demonstrate his principle of exploiting the physical possibilities of a material to the greatest possible extent, but also his precise knowledge and great understanding of the material.

The journey from glass to eyewear is a short one. However, the collaboration between James O’Callaghan and FREIGEIST involves the design of the frames. Here, he also demonstrates the great empathy and intuition he has shown in his projects that have catapulted him to being the biggest name in the sector. He acknowledges to immediately understanding the FREIGEIST brand and its values. What’s more, these values are very much in line with his own work to date. Simplicity and consolidation of form, together with an instinct for the needs and preferences of the client, are clearly evident in the portfolios of both collaborating partners. Things were bound to go well. And they certainly did: the EOC.FREIGEIST collection was not created with the intention of achieving a quantum leap in eyewear design. But if anything, this is the precise reason why it’s successful. Attempts should not be made to alter masculine appeal and charm, what men really want are accessories which underline these characteristics in a new way.


In order to make the greatest advancement in design and functionality, new standards were also defined with regard to the materials used in the EOC.FREIGEIST collection. Aluminium, acetate and titanium offer a level of quality which meets the required exacting standards. FREIGEIST chose to manufacture the frames where each material could be produced to the highest possible quality. Without the use of colour or other additions, a collection has been created which exceeds all previous ranges in terms of quality standards.



Eyewear design is expressed in its purist and robust form. “For me, not using a hinge means overcoming an obstacle to design - and achieving this without restricting functionality. As the frame has been cut and folded from a single piece of titanium, its dimensional stability is greater than virtually any other eyewear”, explains James O’Callaghan. No other material offers the potential to realise such an innovation in eyewear design. The natural colour of the raw materials accentuates the authentic masculinity of the models.



The robust and yet incredibly light aluminium in matt silver grey is processed in Japan for EOC.FREIGEIST and features a linear design. The outstanding characteristics, which give this material such immense potential for exceptionally discerning design, are not entirely unfamiliar. The aluminium models in the EOC.FREIGEIST collection are reminiscent, for instance, of the Apple MacBook in appearance and surface feel. Refined finishing touches, such as the nose pads, highlight sophisticated and detailed workmanship that provide maximum comfort, complement the honed shape that accentuates the distinctly masculine design.



Acetate is one of the classic materials used in the manufacture of eyewear and is given a whole new identity in the EOC.FREIGEIST collection. The acetate frames, which are intricately manufactured in Germany, combine bold angular shapes with dark facets. The distinctive black silhouette provides scope for a variety of looks - the sunglasses have a glossy surface, the eyewear frames have a sophisticated matt finish. This ensures the perfect look for men who enjoy an uncompromisingly masculine style through their choice of eyewear.


The strictly limited collection from EOC. FREIGEIST combines masculine minimalism with the highest quality. The frames feature a minimalist, yet distinctive style, of design based on architectural influences, innovative technologies and highly specialist technical expertise. The principles of questioning conventions and standards whilst at the same time tailoring the products to the needs of the customer, are evident throughout the entire collection.

The collection pursues new directions in design, materials and manufacture, which guarantee both comfort and stability. This stunning collection also includes several eyewear frames which represent new innovations for the FREIGEIST range itself. For instance, for the very first time the brand is presenting three models of sunglasses for free-thinking men who also want to look cool and confident when the sun shines. A completely new concept for Eschenbach Optik is an eyewear model which has no hinges. With a frame that has been laser cut from one single piece of titanium, the masculine silhouette boasts unprecedented shape retention. Eyewear design at its most pure and robust. “For me, not using a hinge means overcoming an obstacle to design - and achieving this without restricting functionality. As the frame has been cut and folded from a single piece of titanium, its ability to retain its shape is greater than virtually any other eyewear,” explains James O’Callaghan.

The exclusive nature of the collaboration manifests itself not only in the unique visual appearance, but also in the sales concept behind the collection. Each of the six models is only available in a limited edition of 222 throughout the world, with a consecutive number on each one.